Q: What is the point of getting our engagement photos done?

A: Many couples have engagement photos done just because they're "supposed to." It's a thing you do before your wedding. But there are other reasons to have a professional photographer take photos of you and your future spouse. iPhone couple selfies are quick and free, but totally different than having a professional photographer capture the relationship that you and your love have before you are married. Having a virtual stranger take photos of you and someone you're planning to spend the rest of your life with may seem strange, but it does provide an interesting perspective.

Q: I'm so uncomfortable in front of the camera. Is this whole engagement session thing going to be super awkward?

A: Hopefully not! I would say 99% of my clients consider themselves "un-photogenic" and not at their best with a lens pointed at them. I can totally empathize with this as I am completely out of my element in front of the camera rather than behind it. For this reason, I make engagement sessions more of a game by asking both of you questions about each other, and then shooting your reactions. I am shooting you reacting to each other through prompts rather than placing you in awkward poses and asking you to give me your best smile. I have found that this approach is far more succesful in eliciting genuine expressions and interactions that will show through in the photos.

Q: What in included with the engagement session?

A: If you are booking a wedding with me, the engagement session is included! If not, the standalone session's $295 fee covers:


  • session time

  • editing time

  • fully edited digital files (50 unique photos is the average amount)

  • online gallery

  • access to prints and other products

  • print release

Q: Do you charge a travel fee?

A: For engagement sessions outside a thirty mile radius of Louisville, Kentucky, I charge according to distance. Contact me for more information on how much the travel fee would be to your engagement session location.

Q: Where should we have our session? Can you recommend places?

A: For places in and around Louisville, I can usually come up with a lot of free places to shoot. I'm open to any sort of engagement session you have in mind - whether it's in/around your home, at a botanical garden, a farm, at an amusement park, nature preserve, or popular downtown spot.

Please remember that if you choose a places that is not free to shoot at, you are responsible for paying my entry fee as well as any necessary commercial photography permit.

Q: How far in advance do we schedule our engagement session?

A: That is totally up to you. I do engagements all year, although I try to avoid the months between January and March when it is bleak and barren outside. Spring, summer and fall engagements are recommended, although I have done a few Christmas/winter engagement sessions and they can be quite magical!

**Prices are subject to change at any time, although I will honor the price at the time you make your booking.

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